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Work from Home with Security from the Office

with BlackBerry® Desktop


the way we work

is changing


Changing times and circumstances around the world have dramatically increased pressure on organizations, schools, and governments to identify home working solutions. 

Broader work from home policies and requirements are becoming a reality. Make sure you’re not sacrificing productivity or security.


For organizations in the Cayman Islands looking for a short-term fix, BlackBerry® is helping with our free 60-day access of BlackBerry® Desktop which provides users with a next-generation secure remote access alternative to VPN and VDI.


Secure Remote Access for Desktops and Laptops


BlackBerry offerings for desktop can turn any home laptop into a remote work laptop. There’s no need to manage devices—managing the browser is all it takes.  

Traffic is securely routed and data is encrypted
Homeworkers get a productivity suite of apps
Very simple to set up, no VPN needed
All a user needs is a link and an activation code to begin working remotely.


working remotely

can still be blissful...



we're in this



As part of our contribution to the Cayman Islands community, we'll be advising on how to set up a virtual structure by recommending the implementation of robust digital solutions to help to continue with your commercial operations as seamlessly as possible. 

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